Pediatric Speech Therapy

How our speech therapists can help your child

Sonrisas Therapies has a broad team of Speech-Language Pathologists (SLPs) specializing in pediatrics. Our team has American Speech-Language Hearing Association certification and is licensed by the Texas State Board of Speech-Language Pathology. Many of our speech-language pathologists have also received advanced certifications and/or training such as:
  • VitalStim® Therapy
  • Beckman Oral-Motor Training
  • Picture Exchange Communication (PECS) training
  • Sign Language
Communication ability is crucial—it is the cornerstone for successful relationships of all kinds, across all ages. Whether verbal or nonverbal, communication is how both children and adults express their feelings and needs. Gaining communication skills supports learning and social interaction. Hundreds of children struggling with speech and/or feeding/swallowing problems have benefited from Sonrisas Therapies’ multidisciplinary, family-involved approach.

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Why might your child need to see a speech therapist

Kids might need speech-language therapy for a variety of reasons, including, but not limited to:
Articulation problems – Not speaking clearly, errors when making sounds
Fluency problems – Struggling with speech flow, such as stuttering
Resonance or voice problems – Struggling with voice pitch, quality and volume
Oral feeding problems – Difficulty eating and swallowing, and issues with drooling
Receptive language problems – Struggling to understand (receive) language
Expressive language problems – Struggling to speak (express) language
Pragmatic language problems – Struggling to use language in socially appropriate ways.

Our Speech and Language Pathologists will help your child improve their communication skills

If your child is struggling with spelling or reading, speech therapy is the best treatment. At Sonrisas Therapies, we help kids with a variety of spoken and written language problems, such as dyspraxia, dyslexia, and auditory processing disorder. First, we figure out what kind of language problem your child has, and then we determine what’s causing it and use that information to decide on the best treatment. Speech therapy is especially beneficial when kids begin it early in life. Don’t postpone the start of treatment.
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