Pediatric Physical Therapy

How our physical therapists can help your child

Children who have suffered an injury, have undergone surgery, or are dealing with a congenital condition or developmental delays can benefit from physical therapy programs. At Sonrisas, we know the profound joy of helping children and their families achieve greater happiness within challenging circumstances. Our physical therapists can assess traits such as joint range of motion, muscle power, neurological function, motor control and posture to improve a child’s strength, coordination, balance and endurance. Our team is committed to customized, one-on-one care that helps children restore and enhance their development, enabling them to participate in desired, age-appropriate family, school and community activities. We utilize a play-based environment with our therapies, which can help children increase their coordination, balance, motor skills and strength.

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Why might your child need to see a physical therapist

Kids may need physical therapy services if a problem with movement limits their daily activities. At Sonrisas, we encounter a full spectrum of conditions, including, but not exlusively:
Birth defects including spina bifida, Down syndrome and more.
Concussions and other head injuries
Developmental delays or disabilities
Cerebral palsy
Genetic disorders
Heart conditions
Juvenile rheumatoid arthritis
Limb deformities or other limb problems
Neuromuscular disorders Sports injuries

Our physical therapists will help your child  reach an adequate level of physical functioning 

OOur pediatric physical therapists do more than simply diagnose and treat injuries. They have a passion for working with kids, and they bring that passion into every aspect of getting your child back to being a kid. Bringing your child to Sonrisas’ therapists means that you’re working with a team of highly qualified, skilled and experienced pediatric. Our therapists understand infant and childhood anatomy and development, and are specially trained in using play to engage your child in therapy and teach them how to move and participate safely in activities.
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